SitsBook software is a light weight, web based browser application. Since its launching in 2014, SitsBook is making advancements at an accelerated pace through meeting business user's requirements in time. The key features that make SitsBook prominent in existing market are adaptability, easy to understand, cutting cost, speedy productivity, work integration, lightweight, user friendly environment.


Huge consultation was made with number of professionals while developing SitsBook software. Their opinions have been clubed into to bring SitsBook in its present shape.


Operation of SitsBook S is as simple as a mobile phone. A layman can use and handle the application with great confidence. He just requires a short training knowhow about different aspects.

Cutting Cost

Reduced paperwork is possible only by an ERP solution. Using systemized business data actively helps saving profit margins and improving bottom line.

Speedy production

Recorded transactions data can be retrieving at a glance. You may identify key production trends that could save time. Gaps in existing production process can be found and necessary remidial measure can be taken to fill gaps highlighed.

Work Integration

Duplication work has been avoided through work integration. Built in purchase / sale modules are working on particular scenario without losing business information.


SitsBook does not cover huge data space in comparison to desktop oriented softwares. Startup and graphic loading speed is the quickest in the market.

User friendly environment

Different prospects, like addtion of of new supplier, item etc in purchase module, have been integrated keeping in view the working requirement of user. Hence, his interest remains intact in working leading to completion of selected task without losing.
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