Sitsbooks is a business accounting software that can assist you with following tasks in an organized and efficient manner.

  • How to create invoices?
  • Tracking particular sale by search?
  • Manage customers and suppliers?
  • Dashboard showing brief summary of overall position?
  • Inventory control?
  • Integration of inventory with accounts in buying and selling?
  • Handling of Production processes?

How can one differentiate between Sitsbooks global and local?

Sitsbooks global can be accessed through internet anytime, anywhere. You can also view real time figures using tablet devices on your web browser.

Sitsbooks local is the one that is installed onto your computer. It cannot be accessed online via internet.

Medium where my business data is stored?

If you opt for online access through internet, then data is stored in MYSQL DATABASE placed in your registered domain / hosting. Otherwise data is stored onto your computer MYDQL DATABASE. In both the cases, your data is secured since they are password encrypted.

How data backup can be taken?

For those where software is installed onto their personal computer, manual backup option is available. Default location is Download folder placed in C Drive. You can cut paste the file to new location per your choice. On the other hand, in case of online access there is no need of taking backup since data is stored in hosting servers.

Are any support provided after sale?

Yes, we are fully committed to provide you any sort of system support relevant to our software. You can call us during office hours, 10:00 am to 07:00 pm.

I use different accounting package. Can I switch to SitsBooks?

The answer is “No”. Because, existing Database formation may be different from SitsBooks Database. You will have to start by posting trial balance accounts through journalize entry of a specific date.

What is the cost to implement SitsBook accounting software?

Sitsbook accounting software is available at cheapest rates. Please visit www.sitsbook.com for price detailed. There is no hidden associated cost like employees training. Yes, in case new application version is adopted then it may be required at minimal charges.


What are the modules in SITSbook accounting software?

  • 1. Dashboard
  • 2. General Journal
  • 3. Purchase
  • 4. Work in process or Production
  • 5. Sale
  • 6. Cheques
  • 7. Financial Reports
  • 8. Settings
  • 9. Backup
  • 10. Logout

How do I create new accounts i.e. income, expense, assets, liabilities and owner account?

Account is the key factor to maintain records in any accounting software. To create new account, go to “General Setting”--> Chart of Accounts--> insert. Following screen is given as an example.

Select step wise from dropdown according to your requirement. In case your required account is not exist in given list (screen display below) then create it by the help of form showing in "insert" tab (above).

How can i create business customers and suppliers list?

Separate management has been provided in case of both customers and suppliers under "General Setting" module in left menu. To create new account for either customer or supplier , go to "General Setting"--> Customer or Supplier --> New. Followings screen are given as an example.

Similarly click suppliers link to add new supplier(s).

Note: customers and suppliers accounts are created by their respective management placed separately in "General Settings" module.

How can I add trading products / items into it?

Items can be added from two ways.

  • 1. At the time of purchasing, in the picture given below, there are 2 signs available with item. "+" sign is used to add new item or product whereas other sign meant for refresh newly added items into the list.
  • 2. Go to "General Setting--> Items Management--> Add New". Provide necessary information and press save button.

What kind of Sitsbook software best suit to my business?

We are offering kinds of Sitsbook application under one Cap i.e SitsBook Accounting, Sitsbook POS software, SitsBook Mobile application, Sitsbook Sale Purchase application etc. You are suggested according to your business requirement and demand.

I am not literate with accounting skills, accounting knowledge necessary to run a accounting software independently?

Our Sitsbook business software is very simple in design and operate. It has been developed focusing this view under consideration. A person not knowing accounting knowledge can easily run this software by extending necessary training to him or his employee from our side.