How To install SitsBook

Step-by-step Manual SitsBook Installation Guide

For the sake of user's guidance, given below step wise manual instructions on how to install SitsBook on your web hosting account.

Step 1 Download installation package

Starting with installation process, go and click to "Download" link provided in Menu. It is strongly recommended to always download and install latest version for availing new and advanced features.

Step 2 Upload file to your server

In this step, before moving forward ensure to have a web hosting account where in extracted file to be uploaded. Upon completion of downloaded files, extract the archive and upload it to web hosting account. This can be done via FTP using client application like Filezilla or via cPanel -> File Manager ->Upload file(s). There are two methods of uploading files on Domain. Either place files in public_html folder to access through main domain (i.e. or make sub folder (i.e public_html/blog) to run only part of your domain on Sitsbook. The choice is yours.

Step 3 Create MYSQL Database.

Next step is the creation of MYSQL Database and assigning it to a user with full permissions. To do so, please follow steps on how to create MYSQL Username and Database. By the time, MYSQL Database and user is created, don't forget to write down database name, database username and password as this information will be much needed during installation process.

Step 4 Installation process

In this step, start navigating your website with installation process. Go to main domain or sub domain (as chosen in step no 2) in your preferred browser. A message "you don't have a st-config.php file and should create one" will be appeared on your screen. Just click on the “Create a Configuration File” button to proceed.

A message will display on this page, asking you to prepare necessary installation information. Since already having this information, simply press the Go! button.

Post details of newly created MYSQL Database and enter the Submit button.

Providing product key information will start a checking process either your setting are correct. In case, you entered all necessary information, you will view a confirmation screen. Press the Run the install button to proceed.

You have successfully installed top rank accounting application. Login to enter into accounting wizard and access database by posting in your new site.